About Us

Our Mission

To continually guarantee our customers the highest standards in quality powder coating services and performance.

To work closely and effectively in partnership with our customers, achieving a competitive advantage in the metal finishing industry.

To continue our ongoing development by improving our SKills and Equipment in powder coating technology, establishing high standards and creating a team of technicians through individual Development and Training.

To maintain a reputation for producing the highest quality products and services at competitive prices.



Established in 1992, Excite is a family owned and run operation that was first registered as Stankap Pty. Ltd.

We have traded as Excite Powder Coating Services since 2000.

Over the years, the company has built a remarkable reputation in the marketplace and our customers have grown to expect the highest quality products and services available at competitive prices.

We invest in the most up to date technology to ensure that we achieve the highest possible quality.

We pride ourselves on our ability to evaluate our customer's needs and provide them a customized solutions, which exceeds their expectations from both a quality and cost pricing perspective.

Our Dedicated team of skilled technicians works very closely together in a harmonious professional environment.

This contributes to our ability to confidently fulfill customer's orders to specification on time, every time.

Quality Policy

Excite Powder Coating Services is committed to achieving high Quality standards in powder coating services and performance and continuing our outgoing technological development by improving our skills and equipment in powder coating technology.

We will effectively set out to:

This Policy will be underpinned by a commitment both to our established ISO 9001 Quality Assurance Systems and a "Continuous Improvement" in operational and Management Procedures in the light of best practice.

Greg Kapusta - Managing Director